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A Gift of Value
As gifts, Jensen BabyCloud products offer a natural alternative to the often-useless presents given to the new parents at any baby shower.

A BabyCloud product
will mostly benefit the end-user, namely the baby, because you
can be assured that
this natural environment will provide for undisturbed body-rest
for as long as the baby sleeps.


BabyCloud has its own extensive research library which deals with such issues as sleep disorders,
insomnia, sleep excercises, multiple chemical sensitivity, SIDS and other baby care issues.
Should you require information not present on this site, E-mail
your enquiry to our HelpDesk and we will gladly assist you.


Product Related Information.

The Problems of Synthetic Fibre

The major causes of sleep discomfort on any "standard baby bed", are heat and sweat build-up.
This can be caused by:

The insulative properties of polymer fabrics or materials makes these textiles moisture resistant.
Lack of air exchange that occurs with closely bonded materials such as foam.
Moisture and heat retention that results from deep absorption into such materials.
A combination of any or all of the above

The Advantages of Natural Fibre
Raw cotton however, suffers none of these disadvantages since the fibres:
Allow air reticulation
Draw sweat away from the sleeping body allowing it to evaporate
Leads excess heat away from the body
have no moisture retention ratio [the ratio between the amount of moisture evaporated and the amount retained, by a fabric during sleep]

The raw cotton fill inside Jensen's BabyCloud mattress
distributes sweat moisture and excess body heat through the fiber - away from the body

The Jensen BabyCloud is placed on a wooden grid. This isis beneficial for the proper development of the 3 spinal curves because the BabyCloud gives the same spinal support each day.

An added advantage is that raw cotton, being unprocessed, never wears out.

The ultimate benefit of sleeping on Jensen's BabyCloud is that the body is able to rest sufficiently during sleep because all the discomfort factors have been removed.

"Our babies do not carry a maintenance label around their neck when they are born", says Jensen, "but they all need the best start in order to build a strong immune system against all outer biological influences. And there can be no better start than naturalising the one place where they spend most of their early life."

Jensen's BabyCloud Objective

The BabyCloud mattress and all our other baby products have been designed:

To prevent babies from joining the alarmingly high statistic referred to as a "death by unknown causes". Babies suffocation and overheating in the cot must no longer be confused with SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. More
[It is interesting to observe that there are no SIDS cases reported from countries where babies sleep in natural fibres}.

To reduce or prevent allergies and illnesses stemming from synthetic fabrics and materials
[MCS - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity]

To prevent babies from being wrongly diagnosed by a GP, and therefore unnecessarily medicated with antibiotics. The human lymphatic and respiratory systems are activated and taxed if the baby inhales and toxic fumes of paint, synthetic carpets, or synthetic compounds used to manufacture pressed woods, foam, polymer textiles. Our babies have no sufficient defense against the constant attack on their developing functions.
[More than often, the symptoms of (MCS) are diagnosed as bronchitis or sinus problems and the GP treats the baby with mild fruit flavored antibiotics, which treat the symptoms - but not the cause].

Ms Jensen's report on Cot Death, The making of foam and her article "Is the Cradle Making your Baby sick?"as well as her booklet, "Lethal Lullabies", are available on request.

Certainly the best remedy against any illness would be the removal of the cause.