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A Gift of Value
As gifts, Jensen BabyCloud products offer a natural alternative to the often-useless presents given to the new parents at any baby shower.

A BabyCloud product
will mostly benefit the end-user, namely the baby, because you
can be assured that
this natural environment will provide for undisturbed body-rest
for as long as the baby sleeps.


BabyCloud has its own extensive research library which deals with such issues as sleep disorders,
insomnia, sleep excercises, multiple chemical sensitivity, SIDS and other baby care issues.
Should you require information not present on this site, E-mail
your enquiry to our HelpDesk and we will gladly assist you.


Our Product Range and Product Related Information.

The Jensen BabyCloud mattress can be manufactured to any existing cot, cradle, crib or pram. All Jensen products carry the "100% Cotton" label.

All dimensions are given in cm as width x length x height
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Jensen BabyCloud Mattress

The Jensen BabyCloud Mattress comprises [left to right]

1. Cotton mattress,
2. Calico cover,
3. Cotton sheet,
4. Natural rubber waterproof,
5. Pillow.

and are available in the following sizes:
- Pram, crib or cradle
- Small Cot
- Medium Cot
- Large Cot

Sizes given here are to serve as a guide line. We manufacture the BabyCloud to any size.
Should you be wishing to have a size fabricated for your current cot, Click Here to complete the Enquiry Form. And our Customer Care Desk, will respond with the relevant price.

The Jensen Cradle Sleeping Area 40 x 80Jensen Cradle
1 wooden frame
1 calico hammock
1 BabyCloud Mattress
1 calico cover
1 natural rubber waterproof
1 baby sheet
1 baby pillow

The Jensen Kidi Krate Sleeping Area 70 x 140Jensen Kidi Krate
1 wooden "krate"
1 BabyCloud Mattress
1 calico cover
1 natural rubber waterproof
1 baby sheet
1 baby pillow

Play Pillow
Play Pillow
Small approx. 25 x 30
Large approx. 50 x 40

Cot Bumper
The cot bumper is a cotton filled padding that is used [when necessary] to prevent the baby from bumping its head when it eventually becomes active enough to do so. It can be used on your existing cot or cradle.

Infant Cot Bumper inclusive of calico cover:
100 cm
150 cm

Baby Down Duvet
Infant 80 x 110

Baby 90 x 120

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