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A Gift of Value
As gifts, Jensen BabyCloud products offer a natural alternative to the often-useless presents given to the new parents at any baby shower.

A BabyCloud product
will mostly benefit the end-user, namely the baby, because you
can be assured that
this natural environment will provide for undisturbed body-rest
for as long as the baby sleeps.


BabyCloud has its own extensive research library which deals with such issues as sleep disorders,
insomnia, sleep excercises, multiple chemical sensitivity, SIDS and other baby care issues.
Should you require information not present on this site, E-mail
your enquiry to our HelpDesk and we will gladly assist you.


Jensens Quality Guarantee
Like all Jensen products, the Jensen BabyCloud range is subjected to stringent Quality Control procedures in manufacturing to the highest standards of skilled workmanship, using only the best raw cotton.The Jensen BabyCloud is guaranteed to last for as long as the baby sleeps on the product. Jensen does not recommend to pass on the BabyCloud to the next child.

The 1 Year Manufacturing Guarantee ensures no defective materials or components can be used. The Guarantee assumes that all due care has been taken by the purchaser to follow the "Product Care" instructions supplied with our products.

WARNING of Copyright Infringement:
We vigorously protect our product design copyright interests.
In the event that an infringement is discovered, you will be notified and invoiced for the industry standard "Triple Fee" for unauthorised design usage, and sued for misrepresentation or prosecuted for copyright infringement.
Such prosecution will be inclusive of statutory damages, court costs and attorneys fees arising therefrom.

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