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A Gift of Value
As gifts, Jensen BabyCloud products offer a natural alternative to the often-useless presents given to the new parents at any baby shower.

A BabyCloud product
will mostly benefit the end-user, namely the baby, because you
can be assured that
this natural environment will provide for undisturbed body-rest
for as long as the baby sleeps.


BabyCloud has its own extensive research library which deals with such issues as sleep disorders,
insomnia, sleep excercises, multiple chemical sensitivity, SIDS and other baby care issues.
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This series of magnifying diagrams will serve to illustrate the cause and effect of PROPER heat and moisture dispersion away from your baby's body.

Click on images to enlarge.

A. NO Heat OR moisture buildup occurs between baby's body and mattress because natural raw-cotton and down disperses excess heat and moisture away from the sleeping body and at the same time allows the natural fibres inside to maintain the correct temperature. Raw-cotton, unbleached calico and natural goose-down also allows constant air flow at all times.

B. Heat is able to gradually exchange with the surrounding air.
The circulation caused by this exchange also provides for gradual evaporation of moisture through the raw-cotton mattress, and its cotton covers..
The process is enhanced further by the fact that there is no solid base to restrict airflow.

A blanket made from naturally grown cotton fibres allows heat to dissipate gradually, as well as dispersing excess moisture away from the baby's sleeping body. The natural cotton blanket allows air circulation through the blanket and enables the evaporation of excess body moisture without the fibres cooling down during the process..
It also allows for enough air circulation to enable the evaporation of that excess moisture.

Should such a blanket be allowed to cover the babies head for a brief period, it will not induce immediate suffocation.

C. Heat and moisture resulting from normal respiration are gradually dissipated, thus preventing the build up a potentially life threatening situation.

This series of magnifying diagrams will serve to illustrate the cause and effect of inadequate heat and moisture dispersion away from your baby's body.

Since a baby has proportionately more surface area in relation to body volume than an adult, it is inclined to heat up and cool down faster than an adult.

These physical limitations combined with the escalating cyclical effects imposed by poor heat dispersion will lead to overheating of the entire body with often fatal results.

D. Heat and moisture buildup between babies body and mattress due to non-absorbent nature of plastic mattress cover.

E. Heat trapped in foam mattress - unable to disperse because of inadequate circulation caused by plastic mattress cover and/or solid board base.

Thermal blankets which are designed to retain heat in severe environments, are specifically designed to limit continual heat exchange with the ambient air.

Unfortunately, the use of such a blanket in normal household conditions is inclined to produce the same effect as the use as the microwave plastic containers designed to prevent moisture loss whilst accelerating cooking.

F. Heat and moisture resulting from normal respiration is trapped between a thermal blanket and the baby's body.

This is the correct result of the design of the blanket its self. However, where babies are concerned, this is not a result that will improve the baby's comfort.
A normal flannel blanket would allow for partial heat and moisture dispersion
This article on the Thermo-Effect is extracted from the book "Lethal Lullaby", by Maria Jensen.
Should you be interested in obtaining a copy of this book, please go to the Enquiry Page and complete and submit the OnLine Enquiry form.

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