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A Gift of Value
As gifts, Jensen BabyCloud products offer a natural alternative to the often-useless presents given to the new parents at any baby shower.

A BabyCloud product
will mostly benefit the end-user, namely the baby, because you
can be assured that
this natural environment will provide for undisturbed body-rest
for as long as the baby sleeps.


BabyCloud has its own extensive research library which deals with such issues as sleep disorders,
insomnia, sleep excercises, multiple chemical sensitivity, SIDS and other baby care issues.
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Is your new baby going to sleep the natural way?
It certainly is, if you invest in the Jensen Baby Cloud concept.
When you are about to buy a new mattress or bedding for your baby, you have two options,synthetic or natural. If you choose synthetic, you have many choices. If you choose natural you have only one, Jensen's Baby Cloud!

Browse through our BabyCloud product range to see what we have to offer for the care of your infant, baby, toddler or growing child - and please read through the Health Info, so that you will be more fully advised on the criteria and reasons for choosing one of our MINSA Guaranteed products. If you have any unanswered questions regarding our BabyCloud range, e-mail our HelpDesk and one of our consultants will answer them.

The Africa Cradle is constructed of untreated wood and the fabric for the hammock is made from 100% unbleached calico. It therefore offers a non toxic and natural sleep environment for any infant. In 1996, MINSA qualified the African Cradle as a product worthy of their stamp of approval. The Africa Cradle

Jensen's Baby Cloud is a all natural mattresses for infants, babies and toddlers. A intensive research into the modern sleep environment was conducted before producing this natural alternative to plastic mattresses. Your baby is a biological being, don't surround your baby with plastic fibres!

According to Danish sleep-environment researcher, Maria Jensen, founder of Jensen's BabyCloud, your baby sleeps restlessly when the textiles that surround you baby during sleep are made from plastic-polymers. Items such as a foam mattress, hollow-fibre duvets, pillows and polyester covers, sheets and blankets derive from plastic polymers.

All these plastics are known as synthetic textiles, polymer textiles or man-made fibres. Plastic textiles may feel and look just like naturally grown cotton, wool, silk or linen products, but that is where the similarity ends. We can not get away from the fact that artificial textiles are just soft thermo-plastic and that they act as such.

The "thermo-effect" of plastic textiles hinders the essential release of excess body moisture and body heat. This compels your baby to move each time the sleep-environment gets too warm. These constant movements are necessary to avoid overheating and therewith keeping the natural temperature constant.

Because the movements include throwing off the blanket the body gets too cold and the sleep is disturbed when the body cools down too much. Infants are incapable to retrieve the blankets and call their parents by crying.

The parents will cover their baby approximately 10 times throughout the night. These constant disturbances lead to unnecessary restlessness during sleep for the infant and for the new parents.

Most new parents buy or receive gifts for their baby from well-wishing friends and relatives. These gift stretch from soft toys to cradles, blankets, clothing and carry cots. Often the gift is chosen because they look cute or cuddly. Unfortunately all the cute motives are truly for the buyers eyes only! The clothes may look decorative on the baby, but it is more important what your baby feels when wearing these plastic clothes whilst sleeps with its eyes closed. To stay healthy, all babies need a natural environment around their natural body.

Babies spend up to 20 hours each day in their crib, cot, or cradle and if the materials surrounding the infant are made from plastic textiles, the new parents are looking for trouble.

· Infant restlessness results in insufficient release of the growth hormone, Somatotrope.
Besides the restlessness the infant also inhales a nerve gas that is released from the fixing agents of polymer textiles when sleeping on and in polyester, foam and hollow fibres. The result of inhaling this toxic gasis a disorder known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity MCS. MoreJensen Cotton